Paul Marquis


I am available for Senior or Lead roles in Visual Design, Production Design, Illustration, or Retouching.

I have been working in the Bay Area since graduating San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design, emphasis in Illustration.

My background crosses between Print and Digital, Design and Illustration, Public and Private, Fortune 500 companies and Start Ups. I have experience leading small teams through seasonal cycles, working individually without direction, acting as an integral part of several successful campaign launches, and running my own business.

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Employers and Clients

  • Apple
  • Google Online Retail
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Schawk!
  • Beyond Design Agency
  • Experian Interactive
  • Tightrope Media
  • Dealix
  • EXOU
  • Peak Advertising
  • Innowera
  • LegalForce
  • Planet Magpie
  • MLS Listings
  • SureClick
  • Genentech
  • Roost
  • Speck Products
  • Cirago
  • TravelRest
  • Transcend Media
  • Zurb
  • WASC
  • And many more...


His ability to manage time, resource and projects in a truncated timeline while remaining calm is a sight to be seen. Highly collaborative, Paul is also a tremendous team player. He made everyone’s job easier and I would highly recommend him.
— Peter Zheng, Creative Lead at Beyond @ Google
In a space where deadlines and needs were often shifting he was able to both manage a team and priorities in order to keep deliverables on track and to the highest standard. Paul is a fantastic person and a great collaborative partner, I cannot recommend him or his work highly enough.
— Andrea Falke, Art Director at Beyond
Paul is a consummate professional who provides clear guidance, direction, and support to the entire team.
— Kevin Tiell, Freelance Photographer and Photo Retoucher
Every project he touched was thorough and yielded a result of the highest quality. Our field often warrants a lot of stressful, last minute, high- stakes requests and he consistently handles the subsequent stress and workload beautifully.
— Heather Jacoby, Post Production Producer for Aquent @ Google
Few people have the ability to understand visual nuance and execute the needed vision with accuracy and efficiency. Paul is gifted with these powers! He creates beautiful work!
— Chad Isenhart, Production Manager at Apple